Photo Story: DDR Adoption Event

For my final photojournalism assignment (and one of my final college assignments ever) I really wanted to highlight something I genuinely cared about: the welfare of stray dogs in Detroit.

I have been following the efforts of the Detroit Dog Rescue for months. As Detroit’s first and only no-kill shelter, they made history in October by coming to an agreement with the Detroit Animal Control and finally were able to pull dogs out of the city’s facility.

The first ten dogs pulled from the facility were affectionately named Squad 10, and these dogs were sick. Kristina Rinaldi states that nearly half of all the dogs they have pulled from DAC, not just Squad 10, are ill and in desperate need of treatment.

While most of Squad 10 is still in medical boarding, some of the members made their first appearance at an adoption event on Sunday, Dec. 6 at Bark  Avenue Play & Stay in Roseville. The adoption event was hosted by DDR in partnership with 96.3 WDVD. The event was one of the most successful in DDR history, with 15 dogs finding forever homes.

This photo story is just the beginning. Inspired by the efforts of DDR, expanded on the project and spoke to other sources. Soon I was able to create a full investigative piece on the multiple efforts being made to improve welfare for dogs in Detroit. Stay tuned for the full multimedia story.




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